Why Graduate Students Require Mental Health Support

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A worldwide survey has proved that there is indeed a crisis on mental health issues among graduate students. There are numerous testimonies regarding their struggles that lead to them developing mental illnesses; therapists will agree on this. These results are hoping to change the way culture is preserved and if possible, make the life of graduate students a bit easier and less stressful.

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An Overview Of The Different MBA Formats

  pixabay.com The accessibility of acquiring an MBA in Literature, Psychology, Education, Accountancy, or any popular course has ultimately altered what getting a master’s degree means to the workforce. In fact, there were over 90,000 graduates with masters degrees in business last 2012, and this continues to grow, according to Forbes.…

How Can A Student Improve His Mental Health?

Do you feel like you are completely exhausted or burnt out from your school life? Do you want to run away from all the stress that you encounter regularly? Are you interested in improving your mental health or becoming a better version of yourself? If you answer yes to all these questions, then this article is perfect for you. Make sure to read it …

Health Tips For Busy Students

Being a student taking up a Master’s Degree education can be stressful, especially if you are doing it while having a full-time job. Take note that the demands of your academics and work may make you feel exhausted. If this continues to happen in the long run, there is a high tendency that you may end up having anxiety or major depressive disorde…

Joining The Workforce Or Pursuing Graduate School

You have just recently graduated and earned your bachelor’s degree. At this time, you are probably standing in front of a forked road wondering whether you should instantly join the workforce or pursue a graduate degree. Plotting this course might be a difficult choice even with various life and career advice from your family and friends. Hence, …

Tips on Reducing Anxiety Over Business School Application

Many people used to think that they are already done with school after getting a Bachelor's degree. With a college diploma on hand, after all, you can send your resume to different companies with fewer worries than a non-graduate applicant. Parents often ask for that alone before letting their kids do whatever they want in life. [caption id="att…

Master Of Business Administration – Part 3 

And here is the last part of the topic on Master of Business Administration. If you haven’t read the first two parts, it is highly suggested that you get to them first before you jump on this one.  


The first blog which is the Part 1 talks about getting an MBA and how valuable it can be for your career and life in general. Work positions were also covered in the first part, as well as the salary of a person with MBA.  


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