Top E-Learning Platforms You Can Visit During COVID-19


With schools and universities closed during this global pandemic, your brain might be in its lazy mode. However, you must keep your mind working. You might think that there are no ways to achieve this. However, with the potential of online learning growing every day, you can teach yourself a thing or two through these.

With this in mind, here are the top e-learning platforms you can visit during COVID-19.


Udemy aims to democratize and disrupt the educational system. They’ll be able to attain this goal by making their materials of more than 20,000 subjects and topics accessible to the individuals in the whole world. Ever since its establishment, it has emerged to be one of the most popular and effective e-learning platforms out there. Up to date, it has been catering to more than 12 million students.

What’s good about Udemy is that it also allows its users to create their content. Their tools include Powerpoint, PDF documents, text, and video content, and these can be collated to let you publish your courses. Instructors can use the platform for free, but they take 50% of the sale of your courses. This feature is where they generate most of their money.


Thinkific’s vision to build and power your education empire. What makes this online platform standout is its robust set of helpful and user-friendly features. They also have the best email marketing tools, excellent and high-quality 24/7 customer support, and membership site integration for the lessons.


If you’re planning to share your knowledge by creating your course, you don’t have to worry about its design. You can integrate Thinkific with more than 1,500 apps through the use of Zapier. With this, you do not need a WordPress plugin anymore. You can easily target the right audience as well by hooking up with the best email providers and setting up campaigns.


WizIQ is also one of the most established digital platforms out there. Instructors love using this because of the fantastic tools it offers. For one, it enables them to deliver live and on-demand lectures and webinars. Students love this tool as well because it gives them the chance to interact more with their teacher. It also gives them a more learning vibe.

WizIQ has provisions like audio, video, slides and desktop sharing tools, and more.


LearnWorlds is the perfect all-in-one online course platform for students. If you’re planning to engage in your online academy, then this will surely keep you motivated because of its social learning experiences and its unique interface. For one, you can edit e-books and videos to ensure that you are making the teaching process more apt for you. This practice also promotes more interactive lessons.

What’s unique about LearnWorlds is that it has a flexible assessment engine for your assignments, exams, and quizzes. It also has a grade book so you can keep track of your progress and has certificates upon the completion of courses. Before enrolling, you may also view its prerequisites and completion requirements – things that other online platforms don’t give you.


Ruangguru is an Indonesian startup revolving around education technology. Amid the COVID-19, it started offering its exclusive Sekolah Online Ruangguru program to the public for free. You may download these on the App Store or Google Play.

This program allows elementary and senior high school students to join live teaching sessions every weekday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. They offer 15 courses everyday on all subjects. The users will be the ones who will decide which ones they want to join.

If you miss one of their lectures, you may also watch the replay of the session after midnight on the same day. The only downside with this is that you won’t be able to enter their live-chats. This feature is helpful for students who want to discuss the topics further with their colleagues.



Skillshare deviates from the usual academic courses that other platforms offer. They have four classifications for the classes, namely creative arts, technology, business, and lifestyle. Just what their names say, they’re more inclined to teaching life skills that students don’t usually learn from their schools.

“Students experience many firsts, including a new lifestyle, friends, roommates, exposure to a new culture and experiences. Students may struggle if they can’t manage these firsts. If students aren’t prepared to cope, they can become easily susceptible to depression and anxiety,” Erica Riba, LCSW, and co-author share.

COVID-19 now forces us to shift to the “new normal.” Gradually using these e-learning platforms will help students get used to the “new normal” of education and learning.

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