MBA Students’ Role In Discussing Critical Issues Of Today

The Arizona State University’s 2019 Masters School Symposium is a research symposium facilitated by the School of Human Evolution and Social Change (SHESC). It is an annual event every spring to give undergraduate and graduate students a platform to present their research. Other students who will not be presenting are also encouraged to participate and ask questions to enrich the discussion. The SHESC offers graduate programs in Anthropology, Applied Math for the Life and Social Sciences, Environmental Social Science, Global Health, and Museum Studies. In keeping with the central focus of the school, this year’s research symposium will center on the critical issues that humans face today. 

By presenting new knowledge in research, MBA students can influence change because of the impact that they have on the community. They have a substantial role that they can utilize in discussing critical issues today. 

Understanding The Changes In Our Society


The shifts in our society may bring challenges to our humanity. Our world now faces critical issues that question whether these societal advancements bring more harm than good. The constant demand for rapid growth and progress can leave some sectors of the society behind. From the unsustainability of our current ways of widening inequality, these issues expose our vulnerability as a society. It is fundamental for the community to understand the pressing matters of humanity to survive and thrive.

MBA students can help the public and businesses deal with these critical issues in society through open forum consultations. These issues are essential to be understood because it affects the decision-making of organizations and even individuals. Climate change for one has led companies to streamline their processes to be more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Making An Impact As A Graduate Student


Research is a vital part of a graduate student’s life. Some graduate programs even help facilitate a more practical and real-life approach through field works. These are not only for the sake of fulfilling an academic requirement. Symposiums and conferences provide an opportunity to share these findings, enriching public knowledge and then the quality of life as well.

Although the impact of research is often undermined, understanding our society and how it changes can lead to viable solutions to the complex issues we are facing.

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