How Your MBA Can Make You More Competitive (Without The Anxiety)

Being a regular worker for a company or an entrepreneur with your own business, you should always consider taking opportunities when it presents itself to advance in your career or business. There are activities like workshops and personal or professional developments to consider still since it can be useful. And more importantly, there are also educational degrees that you can take such as being an MBA or a Master of Business Administration which gives students a lot of edge over others.  




Many businessmen desire to earn an MBA degree because education doesn’t just give essential knowledge to the business but also gives you the capability to increase the level of your confidence once you’re in the workplace. If you’re thinking about how having an MBA can earn you more respect at work and be competitive in your career, then check out the reasons below. 


It Increases Your Employability. 


Our job market today is getting more and more competitive each day. But statistics show that the hiring market still favors people with MBA. Since 2010, graduates with MBA are still the strongest demand of employers. It is highly due to their skill set as learned partly in school. 


Employers have known graduates of MBA as being innovative, problem solvers and always ready to get the business running. No wonder more and more employers recognize this, and they hire MBA graduates each year. 

The most enriching experience of my master’s program, so far, has been my practicum/internship, in which I have learned more in one year than I could have ever imagined. — Laura E. Buffardi Ph.D.

Your Workplace Credibility Increases. 


MBA students find themselves gaining credibility in the workplace and that their contribution is much valued than before since their MBA degree. It is one of the qualifications that’s always recognized and considered by all employers. It gives you an edge because managers will provide you with work that is equal or more to your ability for a chance to succeed. It can also be your door to promotion opportunities. 


It’s The Point Of Difference Often Needed. 


Your MBA will make you step outside of your comfort zone. It will teach you various skills needed to handle business-related transactions. Many people think that this is the edge they need to stand out among their colleagues. Employees who finished an MBA degree can do more and exert more effort to get the job done. 

In some important ways, business school students are the business school’s customers and they must be treated as customers. They have very specific expectations about what they should get in exchange for the fees they have paid and the opportunity costs they have incurred. — Utpal Dholakia Ph.D.



Getting an advanced degree is a smart move to boost your career which is often needed by many companies. Recruiters are looking for someone with a point of difference – someone who has more than just experience on the field. Most of the companies look forward to employees with MBA, Master of Finance or other advanced qualifications. 


You’ll Enjoy Greater Confidence In Your Abilities. 


While many people have years of work-related experience, they still need a degree from a reputable school as a proof of how well they can work. MBA is one of the degrees that people often seek as it gives them more confidence personally and on how they approach their work or the business they’re handling. MBA graduates find themselves contributing more to the decision making of the company, or giving feedback confidently in meetings. This makes them essential in the workplace and more competitive in their field. As a result, MBA students stands out more than the rest and often get more opportunities in the business. When confidence is oozing, mental wellness is also expected to follow. You won’t have anxiety issues and concerns that you cannot solve or fix.


You’ll Grow A Strong Business Network. 




We all know that sometimes in business, it’s not about what you know but WHO you know. A person with MBA possesses strong business contacts. A person’s MBA degree will enhance his capability of building business contacts, and for students, this is a strong foundation for a business network as learned in the course. It’s important always to consider your network as you will never know who you can meet at online study forums or events for MBA, and these meetings might change your life and your career.

It’s important to educate your student about anxiety so they understand everyone experiences it in varying degrees, thanks to the fight-or-flight response.  — Nancy Warkentin Houdek, LPC, NCC

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Author: Marie Miguel

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