7 Reasons Why You Should Get A Master’s Degree 


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With how tight the employment market has been, it has become necessary to get anything that can be an advantage to you. And one of this is a master’s degree. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that people with a master’s degree earn about 21% higher concerning salary as compared to those who don’t. But besides that, there are many more reasons to get one. 


Stand Out. Move Up. 

 Only a small percentage of the population in America, eight percent, has a master’s degree. Just having one already puts you in the elite part of the community. Back in the 1960s, this was the percentage of the people who had a bachelor’s degree. While having just a bachelor’s degree can land you a job, having a master’s degree can make you stand out among other applicants who most likely only have a bachelor’s. Not only that but it can also make you look more respectable among your peers and co-workers. 


Stay On Top. 

 Every day, new knowledge is being discovered. So in the field wherein, you finished your bachelor’s degree, there might be new skills and knowledge being taught that weren’t taught to you back in your undergrad days. Undergoing a Master’s degree program will ensure that you can keep up with this new knowledge and advancement. Besides having an edge in employment, a master’s degree can also help you be more knowledgeable about the developments in your field. 


Kick Start A New Career. 

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There might be times in your life wherein you’ve hit a new slump and feel bored. This might be the times wherein you feel like changing careers. About 50% of the population of the workers in the US feel the same way as you. Earning a master’s degree can help you with this as a master’s degree introduces you to more job opportunities and fields that are more challenging that weren’t available with your bachelor’s degree.  


Become The Expert. 

 On the other hand, if you feel like this career you have right now is the perfect one for you, and you’re part of the 14% who thinks this is the job they’ll have for a long time now, how exactly can you stay on top?  By earning a master’s degree, you’ll become better in your field and even sometimes, an expert in it. It’s not always about having a better career; sometimes taking a master’s degree is about improving what you know in your field and continuously learning about it. 


Be A Pioneer. 

Having a job can give you experience and give you opportunities to make contributions. However, undergoing master’s degree programs in top places can give you better opportunities to be a pioneer in your field and have more significant contributions. For example, things like Gatorade, Google, and other products were created due to graduate research. Isn’t the thought of contributing essential elements to society and your field an attractive reason enough to partake in earning a master’s degree? 


It’s Good For Your Health. 

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People stop growing the moment they stop learning. Earning a master’s degree helps you cultivate your knowledge and wisdom even more. It can make you grow intellectually and personally by providing challenges to solve to keep you up on your toes. When you get a graduate degree, there’s this feeling of accomplishment and pride that will always stay with you because you’ve worked hard for it and you’ve worked your way to the top. 


Get Paid to Go To School. 

 If you’re worried about your finances when undergoing a master’s degree, worry not because there are programs that will pay you to study. A lot of graduate programs will offer to pay for your tuition and even give you stipend if you work as a research assistant. This will provide you with the opportunity to not only earn a graduate degree without spending a coin but also to earn coins by studying. However, programs differ from one another, so make sure to check each of it carefully. There are also times when the company will help fund their employees to go to graduate school, so take a chance and ask them if they’re offering one. 

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